Kinesio Tape Reduces Bruising and Swelling

One of my favorite ways to use Kinesio Tape is for bruising and swelling. And after you see these photos, it is apparent that it works. This technique is amazing at healing bruises more quickly and reducing swelling. My father fell outside and bruised his ribs and torso in many areas. I utilized the Kinesio Tape Fan technique a few days after he fell and removed those 3 days later. I wish I would have known about the fall a few days earlier as I believe that the evidence of Kinesio taping would have been even MORE effective. He was initially reluctant to let me try the Kinesio Tape. But after it was removed, he was impressed as to how it helped his swelling, bruising, and overall pain.

To reduce swelling (and bruising if also present), lay 2 fans across each other to make small squares. The fingers of the Kinesio Tape Fan strips should reach across the belly of the area affected and beyond to encompass the swelling/bruised area. The bucket of the Kinesio Tape Fan strip(s) should be angled towards a lymphatic drainage area. The fingers of the Kinesio Tape Fan strip guides the edematous fluid away from the swollen area and towards the lymph node and this allows the body to naturally pump the fluid out of the body. The body is amazing.


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