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Full Range Therapy Supplies ships within the USA. Your products will take up to 2 business days to process after an order has been placed. They will then be shipped via Fed Ex or USPS depending on your area and the weight of the product ordered. Shipping time can vary, but products should arrive within 7-10 business days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pick up my order if I live near Houston?

No. At this time Full Range Therapy Supplies is a website.  We do not have a store front.  We ship all items to our customers within 2 business days.

What is that tape I see the athletes wearing in the Olympics?

If the Tape is black, hot pink, blue, white, or beige, then most likely the tape they are wearing is Kinesio Tape. Many extreme athletes have found this to be a reliable, functional, and affordable tool to help them excel in their sport. Kinesio Tape was highly noticed in the Beijing Olympics, London Olympics, an dnow the Rio Olympics as well.  Kinesio Tape has actually been around for over 25 years.

Is Kinesio tape latex free?

Yes. Kinesio Tape is latex and medication free. Kinesio Tex tape is an elastic polymer wrapped in woven cotton and uses an acrylic adhesive.

Can Kinesio tape get wet?

Yes. It is water/sweat resistant, but not necessarily water proof. The tape should be applied to the skin 45 minutes to 1 hour before showering or perspiring to ensure it is adhered to the skin. It is not recommended to swim or soak in a hot tub, but in many cases the tape will stay on during these activities. After showering it is recommended to pat the skin/tape dry and avoid rubbing.

Do you need a certification to use Kinesio tape?

No. It is important, however, to read up on the various techniques and follow the guidelines for application to ensure safety and optimal outcomes. Understanding what you are taping for (support/facilitation, rehabilitation/inhibition, edema, or pain) and basic understand of anatomy will help tremendously.

How long should I wear the Kinesio Tape?

Kinesio tape is effective and safe for 3 to 4 days. Adherence may depend on your skin type. It may be difficult to remove the tape if it is taken off too soon. It is a good idea to wait 12-24 hours between taping the same area if repeat taping is rendered. This allows for skin to breathe and appropriate hygiene to be maintained.

Shipping Costs

$5 for orders under $25

$10 for orders $26-$50

$15 for orders $51-$99

Free shipping for orders over $100

Full Range Therapy Supplies LLC uses a CSC (card security code) when running credit card transactions. This is a 3 or 4 digit code that is either on the front or back of the credit card to offer more protection from fraudulent use of credit cards.

Paypal Now Accepted!
Full Range Therapy Supplies has now added the PayPal option to help expedite and ease your check out process. Feel free to use PayPal if that is more convenient.  If you prefer to use a credit card, PayPal offers this method as well.  We have a protected website for credit card use and PayPal as well.

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