How does Full Range Therapy Supplies save you money?

Full Range Therapy Supplies is a SMALL business. We want to save our customers money. We believe in providing quality products at a LOW price. So how are we able to do that? We keep our overhead small. Full Range Therapy Supplies uses recycled boxes. Yes, we reuse boxes! So you may receive your package in a recycled Amazon box, an unmarked box, or even a diaper box. All of the boxes are clean and in good condition so why not reuse them? This saves us money and in turn this saves you money. And it keeps extra boxes from circulating in our society, helping our environment. So next time you order from Full Range Therapy Supplies, you may be surprised by the box that arrives at your doorstep!

We buy in bulk. Just like when you shop at Costco or Sam’s, buying in bulk can save the consumer money.   So when we buy therapy supplies in bulk, we can distribute them at a lower price. At Full Range Therapy Supplies, we are willing to sell each item individually or in bulk. We believe in providing quality products at a low price.

How else can we save you money? We offer FREE SHIPPING. If your order exceeds $100, we will ship your order for FREE! Let us provide you with quality therapy supplies at a low price AND FREE SHIPPING! Win Win Win.

We are in the business of helping others. We support clients, caregivers, teachers, and parents. We support therapists. Why? Because we ARE therapists. This online therapy supply store was created to provide quality products at reasonable prices to those that need them. Enjoy.

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