Kinesio Taping for Pregnant Women, Part 2


Can I use Kinesio Tape when I am Pregnant? Is it okay for pregnant women to use Kinesio Tape? How do I tape a pregnant woman? These are all questions I’ve heard many times. And yes, it is okay for women to use Kinesio Tape when pregnant. This is another blog edition to help guide you through an alternative taping method for pregnant women. First, identify what the issue is. Is the woman having back pain? Does the baby feel heavy and the woman feels like they need support in the front? And as always, it is recommended to have a professional that is skilled in Kinesio taping to help you the first few times as knowledge of anatomy as well as understanding the qualities of the Kinesio Tape are important and will make the Kinesio tape application more beneficial. Once you have identified what you would like to tape for, then begin to assess the basic principles of Kinesio Taping and apply them to the area you will tape for the pregnant woman.


This post is directed at Kinesio Taping for back pain as well as abdominal support for a pregnant woman.
Taping for abdominal support: While standing with lower back slightly stretched (leaning forward against a table to allow bending at the waist), place the first I strip of Kinesio Tape with an anchor (starting piece) in the lower thoracic spine region but ~1-2 inches away from the spinal column. Apply paper off tension as the tape is applied around the side and anchored 2-4 inches below the belly button. Repeat this strip to both sides so that the Kinesio Tape touches in the front; the Kinesio Tape can also overlap in the front.

Taping for back pain: While sitting or standing, place the first I strip of Kinesio Tape with tension (25%-50%) from the center out. No tension should be on the tails. Continue placing 3-4 pieces overlapping to create a STAR. Each piece should have tension in the center and no tension on the tails. A STAR can be used nearly anywhere on the body to help relieve pain.


Precautions for using Kinesio Tape during pregnancy: It is important to remember that a woman’s body during pregnancy is very sensitive. Some woman may feel nauseous with application of Kinesio Tape. If this is the case, remove the Kinesio Tape. Pregnant women may also have sensitivity of their skin resulting in a mild allergic reaction from adhesives (redness, itchiness, etc). If this occurs, remove the tape. Kinesio Tape is latex free and cotton based, but sensitivity to the adhesive can occur. Basically, if it doesn’t feel good, remove the Kinesio Tape. The Kinesio Tape should be applied to help and if it is not helping, remove the Kinesio Tape. Also consider using the Kinesio Tex Gold (if you can still find it as it has been discontinued) or the Kinesio Tex Classic (the replacement for the discontinued Kinesio Tex Gold line) when taping pregnant women as the adhesive is less aggressive. The Kinesio Tex Gold FP (Finger Print; the newest of the Kinesio Tape family) has a higher adhesive content because it is directed towards high performance athletes, sports medicine, and orthopedic use.

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