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Full Range Therapy Supplies is a Houston based company that provides physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy tools and equipment directly to you.  We have Kinesio TapeMaroon SpoonsNuk Massage BrushesChewy TubesNosey Cups, and Sensory Brushes, just to name a few of our products.  With experience in hospitals, private practice, and home health settings, we know what therapists use to facilitate habilitation and rehabilitation.

Full Range Therapy Supplies wants to help you!

Private Practices and Outpatient Clinics:  Therapy supplies are a necessity to benefit the patients being seen by therapists working in private practices and outpatient clinics.  We have low prices on all of your therapy supplies.  Order in bulk, in individual units, or even share our site with your clients and have them order what you recommend.  Our site is user friendly and is ideal for all of these options!

Home Health providers and Agencies:   You are a unique group of therapists with knowledge and skills to practice one on one in the homes of your patients.  Home Health providers often lack access to the benefits of being part of a larger group.  You may have to come up with your own supplies, equipment, and testing tools and unfortunately absorb the costs yourself.  Well, we are trying to make things easier for you.  Home health providers now have access to the same products as larger companies.  And we allow you the option to buy single units for all of our supplies.  No bulk requirements here!  We hope to be an asset to Home Health providers and their patients.

Hospitals:  Full Range Therapy Supplies has experience with hospitals and their unique therapy needs.  Acute and sub-acute care requires a special group of therapists with a unique skill set.  We have therapy supplies that are able to be purchased in bulk to cut costs and meet your demand.  We carry the same name brand items but at a much lower cost!

Athletes:  Full Range Therapy Supplies was designed for therapists and those using therapy products. Kinesio Tape has made the cross over.  Athletes are finding Kinesio Tape to be a valuable tool in their respective sports.  We invite you to shop and enjoy the low prices we provide.  We do recommend that you work with a skilled clinician when using Kinesio Tape.  It is a great tool, but the most important aspect of Kinesio Taping is the application.  Seek assistance prior to application of the tape so that you are not disappointed.

Massage Therapists, Personal Trainers, Chiropractors, and other Allied Health Professionals:   Full Range Therapy Supplies is eager to serve you!!  We created the site to help clinicians like you get the supplies you need at a cost efficient price.  We are cutting overhead to help clinicians like you save money and maintain quality.   Let us know if there is something we can help you find.  Enjoy and any feedback is welcome!


Full Range Therapy Supplies has created a place where education is just as important as our products.  We want to make sure that clients and their respective caregivers have the knowledge they need to make informed decisions about the therapy supplies that are best for them.  Often times, therapists use ‘special tools’ to help their clients progress with therapy goals.  In order to make weekly therapy appointments effective, carryover at home is a must.  It may be difficult to find the tools that your therapist is using.  Be compliant with your Home Exercise Program and find your supplies here.  We strongly encourage clients, caregivers, and parents to use the recommendations provided by licensed therapists and other medical professionals when purchasing therapy supplies.  Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Our company believes in quality tools at a cost efficient price. Full Range Therapy Supplies is committed to building a network that makes finding specialized and unique therapeutic tools available to the public. We want you to be able to buy as many or as few of an item as you choose and still have that item at a low price. Our company provides individuals, small practices, and large companies alike opportunities to obtain the same therapy supplies.  Providing these supplies directly to the consumer empowers therapists, athletes, and caregivers to have access to the tools they need to improve their function. We are happy to bring therapy supplies to the people who use and need them most. Our goal is to make specialized and unique, easy and affordable.

You can shop for your therapeutic tools at Full Range Therapy Supplies online.  Full Range Therapy Supplies is growing quickly and will be adding new products soon. Please contact us with any questions you may have.

We serve all over Houston as well as shipping within the United States, all of Texas including Pearland, League City, Friendswood, Manvel, Katy, Santa Fe, Hitchcock, Alvin, Galveston, Austin, Dallas, San Antonio.

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