Sensory Brushes


brush1-148x100Sensory Brushes: Also known as corn brushes, surgical brushes, or baby brushes.  These soft white plastic brushes have many uses. Sensory brushes are positively impacting people with sensory processing deficits, autism, and with tactile defensiveness. These are the original brushes that were/are used for the Wilbarger Sensory Brushing Protocol. This Brushing Protocol can desensitize and calm an overactive and over responsive child/person. This Brushing Protocol can also be used to alert an under responsive or underactive child/person. It is recommended to work closely with a therapist (typically an Occupational Therapist) when starting a brushing protocol as the direction of brushing, pressure of brushing, area of brushing, and frequency of brushing are important. Sensory brushes can also be used for improving sensation such as with paresis, paralysis, or decreased sensation from injury or poor circulation. These brushes are often used to improve tactile sensation to the affected areas after a brain injury such as a stroke or brain tumor resection. The brushes are a perfect fit for the user’s hand; they are light weight and the bristles are soft for the recipient.

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