Red Chewy Tubes


Mary-Tom-w-Chewy-TubeChewy Tubes are a very popular item for oral motor development and rehabilitation.  They provide a resilient, chewable, non-food surface for practicing chewing and biting skills. Chewy Tubes were originally designed to be used with the patented Jaw Rehabilitation Program, a methodology offered by Speech Pathology Associates, LLC to develop jaw motion for biting and chewing skills.  Chewy Tubes are made of an FDA approved thermo-elastic polymer material. These tools are non-toxic and free of latex and lead.  They also are free of phthalates and PVC.  Full Range Therapy Supplies offers Chewy Tubes in Yellow and Red.  Each color represents a different stem size and density.  Chewy Tubes can be used with adults and children older than 7 months.  Chewy Tubes last thousands of chews, but should be inspected periodically for signs of wear; they should be replaced at that time. They can be cleaned with soap and warm water but are not dishwasher safe.

Chewy Tubes are great tools for people that need to CHEW!  This provides a safe and appropriate outlet for those that may chew their hair, shirts, hands, or mouth other non-food items.  Chewing is a great way to improve jaw stability as well as to create and receive proprioceptive input.  Chewy Tubes are used with a variety of diagnosis and populations such as for jaw rehabilitation following surgery, trauma, stroke, sensory processing deficits, autism, feeding therapy, cleft palate rehabilitation, in skilled nursing facilities, and with children and adults with developmental delays just to name a few.

How do I use my Chewy Tube?  There are two parts to a Chewy Tube: the T-shaped handle and the long bitable stem.  The long stem of the Chewy Tube is placed laterally into the mouth so that the patient can bite down on the stem with their back teeth.  The handle has corrugated ridges for a comfortable grasp and to assist visually impaired patients with orientation of the Chewy Tube.  It is not advisable to bite the Chewy Tube with the front teeth.

  • Present the Chewy Tube laterally into the mouth
  • Touch the stem of the Chewy Tube to the cutting surface of the molar teeth/ gum line
  • Bite on the Chewy Tube

RED Chewy Tubes:   These Chewy Tubes have an outside diameter of ½” (12 mm).  They measure approximately 3” wide and 3.5” long.  These are used with older children and adults and those who are recovering from oral surgery.  These are sold in sets of 1, 5, 10, and 25.

Chewy Tubes should always be used with supervision.  Assessment of the jaw is recommended prior to biting on the Chewy Tubes.  Chewy Tubes are NOT recommended for individuals with TMJ issues.  Patients should follow the recommendations of their therapist or caregiver when using Chewy Tubes.  Children require professional supervision when using Chewy Tubes.  Chewy Tubes should be inspected before each use and should be replaced when signs of wear occur.  

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