Large Maroon Spoons


Maroon Spoons are a popular item among Occupational Therapists and Speech Therapists for feeding therapy. Maroon Spoons are helpful with feeding problems such as poor lip closure and decreased oral motor control. Those with throat, oral, and tongue hypersensitivity also tend to respond well to the use of the Maroon Spoon. The shallow bowls on these spoons allow for foods to be cleared from the spoon with minimal effort. Those working with clients learning to eat, relearning to eat, with abnormal muscle tone, or with neurologic injuries may find Maroon Spoons to be a valuable tool. This utensil is also a great way to encourage carryover of skills taught in therapy, at home.  Large Maroon Spoons are appropriate for school aged children, adolescents, and adults.

Maroon Spoons are light weight, durable, and are dishwasher safe (although high heat is not suggested). Maroon Spoons are not recommended for those with a severe bite reflex. Maroon Spoons are made of FDA approved ABS and contain no latex, lead, BPA or Phthlates. Please do not use a spoon that is damaged, cracked, or scratched. Maroon Spoons should be replaced periodically due to natural wear and tear.

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