Kinesio Tex Gold Light Touch

Kinesio Tex Gold Light Touch is a New-To-Us line of Kinesio Tape.  It has been for sale in Japan for many years but is just now being released for sale in the United States.  It is made and packaged in Japan.  Kinesio Tex Gold Light Touch is designed for clients sensitive skin or decreased skin integrity such as children or the elderly.  Kinesio Tex Gold Light touch focuses on the dermis and the superficial fascia skin layers.   It has a gentle adhesive and is designed for limited wear, 1-3 days.  It comes in 6 beautiful colors and is perfect for your Pediatric and Geriatric clients.  16.4 ft x 2 inches. 
It comes in 6 bright colors:
Kinmokusei Orange
Fuji Purple
Sakura Pink
Himawari Yellow
Ajisai Blue
Take Green

Kinmokusei Orange, Fuji Purple, Sakura Pink, Himawari Yellow, Ajisai Blue, Take Green


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